Presence Practice

To me, presence is about:

  • connection–to our bodies, to other beings, the natural world, and our histories
  • feeling our responses (rather than suppressing or avoiding) to hardship and injustice, with self compassion, in order to move ahead with intention
  • accessing joy, ease, pleasure, and expansion
  • deep embodied listening, showing up fully with others with relational courage and vulnerability
  • feeling our boundaries–the spaces between ourselves and others, and being able to deepen our potential for closeness and intimacy
  • living with the power of creative flow, to imagine and work towards our ideal futures.

Trauma can inhibit our ability to be present.

Along with unforeseen events, I believe trauma is often due to internalizing ways-of-surviving within the inequities of a capitalist and colonial society. Trauma disconnects us—from our bodies, other beings, and the present moment.

As a survival strategy, our bodies…

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